27 January 2014

Simply Wrapps: Simply the best wraps I've ever had.

Since I'm into the wraps fettish, here's recommending my favourite wraps ever.

Simply Wrapps
Raffles City Shopping Mall
252 North Bridge Road

Bringing together delightful cuisines from all over the world infused in huge wraps, offering no drip drap mess in eating healthy food. That's what they claim at "Simply Wrapps". I must say, they do live up to delivering that motto very accurately.

Simply Wrapps offer different flavours of wraps, coming in Wheat, Plain White, Super Stretched Naan and even Spinach,Tomato Basil, Lemon Grass! My personal favorite is Spinach as it brings a light healthy touch to the taste of the whole healthy choice. Wraps, coming in 10" or 12" sizes, are well-done to the right thickness to adequately wrap all the ingredients without overspilling.

What's interesting is the number of veggies ingredients choices they have at the shop, in which ALL are fresh. I'm not kidding, I've tried the greens, the beans, the feta cheese(My fav), the tofus...pretty much most of it all. This is probably by far the only salad bar that offers the freshest insides that I've came across.

Have honestly never met so friendly and enthusiastic staff (Including Bosses!) serving me at a restaurant. Amazing attitude and wonderful smiles, willing to answer all my questions as a noob customer. When it comes to salads, it really makes a hard choice to get what you want in total.

My favorite part here: The huge choices of dressings.

Worker active at preparation...

My choice of "Make-Your-Own" Wrap

Mint's "Martian Delight" Wrap

Comparing our sizes of wraps, because...

It's friggin huge!

Still shocked at my 2nd trip to this place.

Honestly had trouble trying to gobble down the whole wrap which was almost the size of my face (Perhaps bigger?).  For this size, I recommending eating with fork and knife. You don't wanna risk dropping any of those awesome ingredients.

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